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Alexi Wilden


Alexi began her yoga journey in 2006 going to classes and practicing at home. Using yoga like a kind of medicine for her own physical ailments but also to cultivate more inner peace and to grow a spiritual practice.

In 2012 Alexi went to India to take her yoga teacher training at the Sivananda ashram in Kerla. She also completed Integral yoga teacher training in Bournemouth in 2015. Integral yoga is the heart of Alexi’s practice.

Her classes include all the elements that make an Integral yoga class so special. Asana  (yoga postures) Pranayama (breathing excercises) Yoga Nidra  (deep relaxation) & Meditation. All these help to create a much more meaningful and useful practice rather than just a physical practice. They benefit all the different aspects that make us human.  Physical, mentally,emotionally and spiritually.

Alexi has the natural ability to work at the right level for all who attend her classes. Giving a challenge as needed or not. Able to feel what’s needed and where.

Join Alexi on Mondays 8.45am and Saturdays 9.30am

To book please contact Alexi 07904 731 499


Emma’s  yoga classes are suitable for complete beginners, and those who want to deeply relax, and tune in with your true, authentic self.

From trying many different styles of yoga Emma found that she came away from some classes feeling worse physically, and as though her body wasn’t flexible enough!

From this knowledge she offers a slow, meditative and gentle style that allows you to ‘be’ whoever you are on that day, as she gives plenty of options (one of which is to stop and lye down at any point!) with no pressure put on you to perform.

A restorative class, that incorporates chanting, pranayama (breathing), gentle flowing asanas (postures), and a 20 – 30 minute relaxation at the end.

Join Emma on – Tuesdays 7pm – 8pm 

Wed 9.30am and 6.30pm

To book please contact Emma on  07570 034 223


Joys  yoga practice was closely guided by several devoted international yoga teachers in Taiwan, Shanghai and Thailand. These included Paul Dallaghan and the Melo family who run Yoga Sampoorna in Brazil. She has been learning concepts of yogic philosophy as well as Asana practice since 2012.

Her teaching engages the integral aspects of yoga in both a physical and spiritual aspect. From the roots of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, She spreads her teachings through different styles which include Vinyasa flow, gentle flow and yoga basic. Joys focus and drive for teaching lies in helping individuals to find their own sustainable practice, which can both support and develop their life and relationships with the world.

Yoga has helped Joy to be mindful, to stay calm and positive about her life.  Because of how yoga benefits her life, She is enthusiastic about sharing what she has experienced through yoga with other people. Her Dharma (mission in life) is to help others improve their well-being through mind/body awareness practices. It is this deeper journey that She would like to share with her students. Joy is known for her soothing, nurturing style of teaching, Striving to be a supportive presence; a compassionate guardian of  her student’s well-being, and an enabling guide who helps students find their individual path towards a life of awareness and spirituality.

Join Joy on Thursdays 6.30pm-8pm  or  8.15-9.45pm

To book please contact Joy on 07480 736 824


 Elin describes Yoga like finding my expression and flow in life.  She walked into her first yoga class 12 years ago with aim to calm an overworked anxious mind. Together with meditation it took her on a inner journey of self realization. Today she loves sharing the practice of Vinyasa flow by combining breath and movement with music to create a beautiful and enjoyable practice.

Her training includes RYT 200 hours, individual training and studies in various Ashrams in India 2014, including Sivananda Vedanta in Neyyar Dam

Join Elin Mondays 6.30 -8pm

To book please contact Elin on 07946 209 951


Bec has been practising yoga for a little over 6 years, experimenting with different styles, with different teachers and at a variety of difficulties.

Yoga is a very personal practice with many different elements to it, which can be overwhelming to start with. Bec became very interested in what drove people to try yoga, what benefits they were looking for and what they felt when they attended class. After chatting to friends, other yoga teachers and new starters it became clear that people who wanted to get into yoga or were quite new to yoga, had reservations about feeling or looking awkward, or uncomfortable and didn’t want to come away from class feeling embarrassed. So, Bec decided to make those people feel like yoga was accessible to them, no matter how flexible, fit or strong they felt they were.

She created Bend It Like Bec, where the aim is to make class fun, energising and try to cater for those looking to make yoga part of their everyday lives. Her classes are Vinyasa based and are aimed to alleviate back and hip pain and shoulder tension caused by everyday activities such as sitting at a desk. These classes are also suited to avid cyclists and runners who often have tight lower backs and hips!

Join Bec on – Tuesdays 5:30pm

To book please contact Bec on  07975 963 958


Lucy has been a holistic therapist for over 15 years and owner of ‘Seascape Therapy’, Her treatments ease the mind and assist the body. This directed energy and time to nurture, brings powerful and rapid results.
She found yoga 10 years ago, another type of ‘self-help’; beginning on a yoga mat and moving into life. The navigation of our bodies as a natural tool to open, heal and assist; for function and health.
As her practice continued, she qualified as a tutor, under the ongoing instruction of Rowan Cobelli and Integral Yoga Dorset.

Lucy’s classes explore the ancient Yoga Sutras and traditional teachings of Swami Satchinanda. This philosophy combined with Hatha postures, brings meaning to our practice. A gentle discipline that feels good to follow.

Lucy believes most of all, yoga is not a competition of physical ability. Instead, a process of gentle refinement and self-observation. Fuel the body and mind with honesty and softness that is beneficial to all.

Her classes will invite you to explore, feel and listen well to what you have right here. Developing the physical body through Hatha Yoga postures, honouring the connection into the subtle energetic system that lies within us. Combining the use of breath practices as useful tools to guide us towards open meditation and deep relaxation. Leading to a body and mind of efficient use and fullness. The union of Physical, mental and emotional growth to integrate and benefit our lives. Classes offered regardless of ability. Groups are small, varied in intention and attentive to all.

Honouring the traditional ‘Integral Yoga’ discipline.

Join Lucy on Saturdays 9.30am

To book please contact Lucy on 07875 235 284