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Alexi Wilden


Alexi began her yoga journey in 2006 going to classes and practicing at home. Using yoga like a kind of medicine for her own physical ailments but also to cultivate more inner peace and to grow a spiritual practice.

In 2012 Alexi went to India to take her yoga teacher training at the Sivananda ashram in Kerla. She also completed Integral yoga teacher training in Bournemouth in 2015. Integral yoga is the heart of Alexi’s practice.

Her classes include all the elements that make an Integral yoga class so special. Asana  (yoga postures) Pranayama (breathing excercises) Yoga Nidra  (deep relaxation) & Meditation. All these help to create a much more meaningful and useful practice rather than just a physical practice. They benefit all the different aspects that make us human.  Physical, mentally,emotionally and spiritually.

Alexi has the natural ability to work at the right level for all who attend her classes. Giving a challenge as needed or not. Able to feel what’s needed and where.

Join Alexi on Mondays 8.45am and Saturdays 9.30am

To book please contact Alexi 07904 731 499


Elin describes Yoga like finding my expression and flow in life.  She walked into her first yoga class 12 years ago with aim to calm an overworked anxious mind. Together with meditation it took her on a inner journey of self realization. Today she loves sharing the practice of Vinyasa flow by combining breath and movement with music to create a beautiful and enjoyable practice.

Her training includes RYT 200 hours, individual training and studies in various Ashrams in India 2014, including Sivananda Vedanta in Neyyar Dam

Join Elin Mondays 6.15pm – 7.30pm

To book please contact Elin on 07946 209 951


Joys  yoga practice was closely guided by several devoted international yoga teachers in Taiwan, Shanghai and Thailand. These included Paul Dallaghan and the Melo family who run Yoga Sampoorna in Brazil. She has been learning concepts of yogic philosophy as well as Asana practice since 2012.

Her teaching engages the integral aspects of yoga in both a physical and spiritual aspect. From the roots of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, She spreads her teachings through different styles which include Vinyasa flow, gentle flow and yoga basic. Joys focus and drive for teaching lies in helping individuals to find their own sustainable practice, which can both support and develop their life and relationships with the world.

Yoga has helped Joy to be mindful, to stay calm and positive about her life.  Because of how yoga benefits her life, She is enthusiastic about sharing what she has experienced through yoga with other people. Her Dharma (mission in life) is to help others improve their well-being through mind/body awareness practices. It is this deeper journey that She would like to share with her students. Joy is known for her soothing, nurturing style of teaching, Striving to be a supportive presence; a compassionate guardian of  her student’s well-being, and an enabling guide who helps students find their individual path towards a life of awareness and spirituality.

Join Joy on Thursdays 6.30pm – 8pm  or  8.15pm – 9.45pm

To book please contact Joy on 07480 736 824


Rob started his Yoga journey right here at Shiva Shakti back in 2015. 

He started to practice yoga to help to heal some physical ailments and Having a feeling that he needed to do “something”. Like a lot of people do, he created reasons to not go to that first class but here and now, a few years later, the journey has helped him physically, mentally and spiritually. His yoga has been revealed to him, he’s also started a yoga teaching training course. 

Robin is teaching at Shiva Shakti on a Sunday morning. He’s currently two years into a three-year 500-hour teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga. His classes are based around Hatha Yoga and aimed at all levels, complete beginners are welcome.

Yoga can mean different things to different people. Robins classes focus on bringing awareness to and working with the breath and how this can help calm the body and a busy mind. While maintaining this connection, you’ll do some slow mindful asanas followed by relaxation and meditation to allow the body and mind to soften and relax.

Robin will  touch on some yoga philosophy and teachings to help you develop a deeper understanding of this ancient practice and how it can help in what can be a busy world we live in today.

If you’d like to join Robin on Sunday mornings at 10 am for an hour and a half class to ease you into your day, then please get in touch on the number below.

Join Robin  on Sundays at 10am – 11.30am

To book please contact Robin on 07941 540 249


Joshua started his yoga journey in a quest for inner peace. He studied at the Sivananda Ashram where yoga and meditation is still taught in a traditional style of a gurukulam, which resonated with him perfectly. After gaining valuable practical skills as well as knowledge, he then constantly worked on practising the teachings of yoga into his everyday life. For Joshua, yoga is more than just a physical activity, it is the union of the mind, body and spirit. His class emphasises on mindfulness, physical wellbeing and inner peace.

About Joshua’s classes

Joshua follows a simple yet highly effective Hatha Yoga practice. This practice will take you back to basics, the core fundamentals of yoga and philosophy.

He will guide you through relaxing asanas such as Savasana and Pranayama techniques before going through a series of Asanas which will be done slowly and with control to stretch, strengthen and balance your body as well as open the chakras.

The goal of this class is to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

His classes are simple but deep and challenging. Joshua looks forward to seeing you on the mat!

Join Joshua on Wednesday 6.30pm – 7.45pm

Beginners Hatha yoga 5 week course

To book please contact Joshua on 07859 926 709 or email ishvarayogaspace@gmail.com


Louise comes from a Health & Fitness background gaining a Sports Studies degree, many years ago! 

She has worked in the industry for over 15 years but took a break after having her children. 

Louise spent the last 2 years training with Body Control Pilates, a method based on the work of Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) who created a series of exercises that built strength without bulk, and balanced that strength with flexibility.

Pilates targets the deep postural muscles, building strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment.

It helps to reshape the body, aiming to improve posture working towards the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. It is also a great way to relieve stress and tension.

Pilates works on the principles of bringing its benefits to everyone through centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow.

Join Louise for Pilates on  Thursday morning 9.30am – 10.30am or 10.40am – 11.40am

To book please contact Louise on 07790 598 014